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Safety First 

The safety of our patrons is a priority at Kissel Amusement Company. We have a qualified staff of managers and ride operators who inspect the equipment prior to opening each day. In addition, Ohio has a comprehensive ride inspection program where the rides are additionally checked by a designated amusement ride safety official before the ride can be opened to the public. A third layer of safety is our insurance company who hires an independent safety consultant to inspect all of our rides each year.


What can you do to help keep our midway safe?

           WALK, do not run on the grounds and ride decks.
USE a safety device when supplied such as a lap bar, harness, or seat belt.
DO NOT stand up while the ride is in motion.
 FOLLOW height and safety rules posted outside each ride.

           NEVER force a freighted child onto a ride. 

           USE common sense!


Safety Links: 

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