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The Kissel Family 

Even though, Kissel Amusement Company is a newer company to the amusement industry, the Kissel Family still has a rich history that dates back to 1932. It started in Cincinnati, Ohio when Ralph and Russell Kissel started a pony ride business, and traveled from Greensburg, Indiana every Tuesday to attend horse sales. There, is when they became good acquaintances with the Cincinnati Zoo. Both, started to buy, and transport horses/ponies for the zoo's exhibit's and pony rides. After a few years, the Cincinnati Zoo decided to move in another direction from the ponies and offered Ralph and Russell if they would like to buy the pony rides, which they did. They started to do birthday parties, small festivals around the Cincinnati area. As the years went on they kept expanding the business, eventually adding 2 rides and crane game. 

In 1947, Ralph and Russell decided to buy some land in Colerain Township (Cincinnati) and start the next chapter of their goals. Kissel Bros. Amusement Park opened up featuring a animal petting zoo, picnic area, 3 refreshment stands, Dance pavilion, and of course a midway with a vast assortment of rides and games. as they years went on they were thriving in success as being one of the first amusement park in Cincinnati. 

In 1970, Kings Island was brought to life in Cincinnati. Which made it hard to compete with because they had a lot more land, which meant more room for bigger rides, and more activities. The success of Kissel Bros. Amusement Park was dropping rapidly quickly. So, they had to start coming up with new plans to prevent going out of business. The new plans lead them back to the traveling part of the industry, but this time with only amusement rides, food stands, and games. 

Russell and Ralph Kissel both retired and passed away in 1977, leaving Russell's children, Russell "Sonny", Eddie, and Fred Kissel continuing the family tradition. As the years moved and the Kissel family was finding more success in the industry, they decide to expand. In the early 80's they bought out majority of Dine Amusement out of Canton, Ohio. With that major decision they were able to split up to 3 different units. Which Randy and Linda (owners of Kissel Amusement Company) was managing one of the units. 

In 2001, Randy and Linda family was expanding, they just gave birth to  their fifth child. So they made a life changing decision, that led them into buying the rest of Dine Amusement in 2002. They bought 10 rides, 3 games, 2 food trailers suppling family entertainment to about 20 events a year. 

Today, Kissel Amusement Company is still owned by owned and operated by Randy and Linda Kissel, following their children and wives Kyle (Vicky), Drew (Nichole), and Nick (Megan). Together they grew the company into Ohio leading amusement ride provider. Owning 30+ rides, 20+ food and games, 2 separate units supplying rides to over 35 County Fairs, Festivals, and other special events throughout Ohio.  

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