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Kissel Food & Games
Kissel Amusement Company takes pride in providing its fairs and festivals with thrilling amusement rides, delicious fair food, and exciting games that are all above industry standards. 
Our Food
  • Funnel Cakes/Elephant Ears

  • Fried Sweet Treats 

  • Fried Veggies

  • French Fries

  • Corndogs

  • Fried Cheese

  • Steak on a Stick 

  • Cotton Candy 

  • Pop Corn

  • Carmel/Candy Apples

Our Games
  • Balloon Store

  • Fishy Fish

  • Duck Pond 

  • Gold Fish

  • Water Race

  • Basketball

  • Beer bust 

  • Hangman

  • Hi-striker

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