At Kissel Amusement Company safety is our number one concern. We make sure each and every ride gets fully inspected after every set up. Also we inspect are rides each day an hour before opening. We like to make sure our guest and employees are as safe as possible. We also, post safety signs by the entrance of each ride. 

Along with our rides all of our food is safe too. We get a visit each week before we open an event from the health inspector. Also we have several ServSafe certified food employees on our team. 

On the midway we recommend that you follow these midway rules!!

WALK, do not run on the grounds and ride decks.
USEa safety device when supplied such as a lap bar, harness, or seat belt.
DO NOTstand up while the ride is in motion.
FOLLOWheight and safety rules posted outside each ride.
USEcommon sense!